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27 March 2020



Long and Pickard Contact Details:

0191 2818810

Under current NHS England guidelines for COVID-19 circumstances

Hi to all of our Patients, Clients and Customers


Thanks for your continued loyalty and support.

Long & Pickard are working remotely & remain open to deliver essential and/or urgent / emergency eye care services, contact the practice by phone or email even outside normal hours.

Calls and emails should be managed promptly and efficiently in line with the importance of providing an essential service.


Please contact us if:

*You have a painful or red eye

*Your vision has suddenly changed or become blurry

*You have been advised to contact us by a health care professional regarding an urgent eye or vision problem


*You have broken or lost your spectacles and need a replacement to function

*You have a problem with your contact lenses

*You need urgent eyecare advice

*Our existing patients need to order contact lenses

Contact lens supply for existing patients will be sent out by post


Spectacles on order : we can post these out to you, If you are worried about your eyes please phone us to talk it through.

Government and NHS England guidelines are changing daily so contact us for further advice.


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